Lala Kent on the 'Laundry List' of Red Flags She Ignored with Ex Randall Emmett: 'I See it All'


Cover picture for the articleLala Kent is looking back on her relationship with Randall Emmett. Kent and Emmett, who share 9-month old daughter Ocean, split this fall after getting engaged in September 2018. As she prepares to spend her first Christmas as a single mom, the Vanderpump Rules star, 31, has opened up to PEOPLE...

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She saw it all before but thought she was “different”. She just didn’t like that everything went public which made her look like how his ex looked. He cheated on his wife with her so she “saw” everything and knew what kind of guy he was/is. But most of all…she saw money signs.

Marty Scott

Yes, but he was wealthy! Emmett also was married when they met but she ignored it..Who but a golddigger has their engagement ring appraised?

Joyce Nichols

Lala kept the identity of this guy private for years while she took advantage of all he gave her. She showed off her cars, bragged about trips flying in his private jet, etc. How much of what he displayed was authentic? Not that brown diamond he gave her. lol. Lala has her own brand--whatever that is so she can raise Ocean without depending on the cheating, lying Emmett. Rule girls: if a guy cheats with you while married, he's going to cheat on you at some point. That red flag is apparent from day #1.


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