Prince Harry Shock: Meghan Markle's Husband Likely To Become King After Queen Elizabeth Did This To Prince William? Sussex Family's Christmas Card Release Questioned

Cover picture for the articleSearches for "Prince Harry King" reportedly surged after Queen Elizabeth did this to Prince William. Prince Harry continues to make headlines despite his graceful exit, alongside wife Meghan Markle, in January 2020. It was claimed that the Duke of Sussex has a rift with his brother, Prince William, and the other...

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Sophie Gluchowski

What a joke! Does anyone really think the Queen is going to allow Meghan Markle to rule in any capacity!? It's obvious Harry does not rule in his own household. Furthermore, Harry has express on various occasions how unhappy he was in that world. The Queen has invested too much time & energy in William & Kate to pass them up. Plus, she does trust them. I think someone is stirring the pot.

Patty SeifertLedbetter

for people who wanted their privacy, it seems they seek the 'spotlight' per se to get their mugs on any device to get mentioned. big whoop they did a family pic, they still should have sent harry's grandmother pictures of the baby instead of the head games they like to play. the queen does NOT deserve to be treated like trash! remember this quote? do unto others as you would have them do unto you... practice/preach it.

Donna Frederick

If Harry and Meghan ever became King and Queen, it would be a disaster for England. Meghan would not behave queenly. She doesn't have the class that she should have. She's not humble in any way and I believe Harry is weak like his uncle Edward, who was also led around by a woman.


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