Rare 'Mermaid Birth' Stuns Midwives and Mom Whose Baby Came Out With An Intact Amniotic Sac

Cover picture for the articleA rare "mermaid birth" has taken place for baby Rio Petrie Martins on Thursday, December 16, surprising the midwives who attended to his mother, Jennifer Petrie, who never felt her water break while she was in labor. Petrie, from Southport in the U.K., was shocked to see Rio coming...

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Mrs. Hempstress

My last birth can be found by searching "490 baby". He is a caulbearer orermaid birth. Easiest birth. No complications. Our lucky charm for sure! He is an absolute joy. Definitely a wise old soul.

Michelle Owen

I too experienced an en caul Birth with my second child.I had a precipitate labor, full term birth. My Son was born with an intact amniotic sac. It was amazing. 7lbs12

Christina Cartwright Ridder

My great grandfather, born in Wales in the 1870s, was born en caul. His twin sister was not. She died of pneumonia at 21. His veil was always kept as protection for him. I suppose it worked because he was never ill and never was hurt in accidents, etc. He lived to the end of the 1950s. Mom remembers seeing his veil which was kept rolled in a linen cloth.


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