VIDEO: Horse urinates during live 'Good Day NY' segment, Rosanna Scotto leaps in fear


NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Rosanna Scotto came within mere inches of ruining her stilettos during a live segment on "Good Day New York" thanks to a horse who, ummm, just couldn't hold it in.

The Fox 5 New York host was interviewing Manda Kalimian, author of "Born to Rewild: Triumphs of a Now Fearless Woman," along with her horse, Pila, in honor of Monday's National Day of the Horse.

Then, it happened: As Scotto was wrapping up the segment and preparing to go to a commercial break, Pila let loose, and began urinating.

Scotto then rjumped back frantically, and screams of "Oh my God!" and gasps could be heard, per a video of the incident Scotto posted to Instagram.

"Good Day New York" host Rosanna Scotto gets a surprise from a horse during a live segment on Dec. 13, 2021. Photo credit Instagram/Rosanna Scotto

"It was darn funny," Scotto told Page Six . "It could’ve been a catastrophe. I was closing out the segment when all of a sudden I heard l a bucket of water falling to the ground. It was Pila relieving himself."

She added, "I ran so fast,” she said. “I had beige stilettos on — and fortunately, they were saved by my quick actions. Just a little splash on my leg! Only on ‘Good Day New York’ would this happen.”

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