'America's Got Talent' Contestant Skilyr Hicks Dead At 23

Cover picture for the articleHicks' mother, Jodi, confirms the singer-songwriter was found lifeless at a friend's home in Liberty, South Carolina. Hicks' cause of death is currently known as of Wednesday (December 8), however, her mother told TMZ that the singer-songwriter battled with mental health issues, including depression...

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Doug Den

So sorry for the family's loss. Too her Mother Siblings, stay strong & remember her energy is always with you. On warm days, put your face to the sun & remember the good things about her. Remember the good times that you shared Lost my youngest brother not long ago & I still think about him being my best man at my wedding. I turned to him & he was guzzling the champagne from the glass he was supposed to make a toast with. He was only 12 at the time. I just remember a good day that day. So do the same & remember her. Itll make you want to cry & laugh at the same time. That's o.k because the your tears will stop & your smile will shine when you think about her & the good times. Again, sorry that you & yours have to deal with the pain of losing your daughter & sister. She sounds like she was a gifted musician & song writer. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU


you know it's sad I live in a small town outside of Santa Fe N.M. and I listen to the police scanner all day and lately there has been alot of overdoses in this region. it has gotten alot worse since the pandemic started. I don't think it's gonna get any better for along time.


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