Cardi B Demands Security at Miami Club Let Black Women In After Complaints Saying White Girls Were Given Preference

Black Enterprise
Black Enterprise
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Cardi B was seen outside a Miami club going to bat for some Black women waiting to get inside after they complained security was allowing white girls in while they had to wait on the wayside. According to the Daily Beast, the only female rapper with multiple diamond plaques...

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David Sammataro

yawn... RACISM...not effective anymore about the black community takes a page out of the Asian community- don't be dependent on government, get rid of so called "leaders" that only enrich themselves, stop glorifying the criminals in your midst, promote nuclear family, treat education as a thing to strive for and respected- not the wishful thinking of sports, rap, drug dealing , and last but more important, stop being perpetual victims- there's no future in that


I remember when I would go to clubs and they wouldn't let me in...and I'm a white man...I should have pulled the race card but I didn't have one


I just find it funny how blacks keep crying for segregation but constantly complaining about places they think are for whites with all her money. open a black only club. bet it will be shut down. in a month with shootings because we all know blacks love to bring guns to clubs and other parties.


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