Reese Witherspoon Rumor: Preparing For Life As Single Mom Amid Divorce Drama


Is Reese Witherspoon preparing to divorce her husband, Jim Toth? One tabloid claims Witherspoon is getting ready to be a single mother. Let’s take a look at this pivotal point in the couple’s marriage.

This week, Us Weekly reports Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth’s 10-year marriage may finally be coming to an end. According to the report, the couple has been struggling to make it work for years, and now they’re talking about going their separate ways.

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“Rumors of divorce have been gathering speed for a couple of years now,” an insider dishes. The first cracks in their relationship started showing when Toth’s company Quibi went under in 2019.

“You could tell they weren’t the same easygoing type of couple they’d been in the past,” the tipster observed. “Jim had put his heart and soul into the company and when it didn’t work out, he was devastated. The feeling is that he kind of withdrew around that time.”

By late 2020, the couple was already working on dividing their assets. “They decided their marriage wasn’t going to last forever and that they should have a plan for splitting up their assets that wouldn’t destroy what they built together.”

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So, Witherspoon and Toth sold their production company, Hello Sunshine, for $900 million. “Instead of having to split up a huge company with dozens of employees and several divisions, they have a big pile of money — and there’s plenty for everybody.” And now that they’ve done the legwork for a potential divorce, everyone’s wondering if they’ll actually go through with it.

“There’s always hope they can make things work, but it seems hard to imagine,” one source attests. Another suggests Witherspoon and Toth aren’t the types to give up so easily. “Sure, her marriage to Jim may not always be perfect, but they still have a lot of love for each other,” the second tipster dishes.

“They’re not the type to just throw in the towel.” It’s hard to believe a word of this tabloid’s story. If Toth’s failed business venture caused any tension in his and Witherspoon’s marriage at the time, we seriously doubt it’s still causing problems two years later.

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We find it even less likely now that both Witherspoon and Toth saw a huge payout from selling Hello Sunshine. It just doesn’t make sense that the couple is divorcing because of any kind of financial stress. Even the outlet couldn’t stick to this narrative. By the end of the article, it pivoted and suggested that Witherspoon and Toth would likely make it work.

It’s clear there was never any story here since the tabloid failed to stick to one story. Besides, Witherspoon and Toth certainly looked happy to be in each other’s company in this family photo Witherspoon posted on Thanksgiving.

This is far from the first tabloid to predict Witherspoon and Toth were headed for divorce despite a total lack of evidence. Earlier this year, OK! reported Witherspoon and Toth were at the “beginning of the end” of their relationship.

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Then Woman’s Day claimed Witherspoon was caught with another man. OK! also reported Witherspoon had moved out of her and Toth’s home. None of these stories turned out to be true, so we doubt Us Weekly‘s will turn out any different.

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