'America's Got Talent' Contestant Skilyr Hicks Dead at 23

Cover picture for the article6:54 AM PT -- 12/8 -- Chief Deputy Chad Brooks at the Pickens County Sheriff's Office tells us at this time, it's suspected Hicks died of a suspected drug overdose. We're told Hicks was found inside a bathroom on the floor, drugs and paraphernalia were found at the scene. Hicks was...

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Gaynor V. Henry

So many people struggle with depression (not to mention substance abuse which can and does, exacerbate things), none of us know the private pain of anyone. This time of year is a trigger for many and what may be Happy Holidays for us, isn’t true for everyone. Check up on people and above all, be kind. It costs nothing and can mean the world to so

Donald Everage

WOW! dead at 23 years old. depression is a crippling emotion. many try to get rid of it by using strong legal prescribed drugs and illegal street drugs. both can cause addiction. I sought help from a psychologist and a psychiatrist for $45 per hour, who gave me antidepressants medicine for my depression and suicidal thoughts. none of it worked. I got rid of my crippling depression in 1984. how??? MATTHEW 11:28-30>>ACTS 2:38.


This is so sad 😞 😥! I'm so sorry for the loss of this beautiful young lady Skylir Hicks your love one family..I pray she Rest in Peace with the angels of God 🌹⚘🌹. My deepest condolences to the mother and family. I pray God give all of you comfort and strength during this sad time. God bless everyone!🌹⚘🌹⚘🌹❣


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