Freeway Says He's The First Rapper With A Beard Diamond, Shows Off Gem In Video With Soulja Boy

Cover picture for the article2021 saw Soulja Boy take credit for what seemed like any and all trends in hip hop. The "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" rapper claimed he was the first rapper to do seemingly everything any other rapper has ever done. In May, Soulja Boy said he was the first rapper on...

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truth or friends

Listen up! Read this and tell me if it describes you and your ancestors or the people who own the diamond industry, Hollywood, and the world banks? "They are a stiff-necked (hard-headed) people", "I will bring you into Egypt (slavery) again ON SHIPS", "your men will have an evil eye towards their brother (violence), toward his wife, and to his kids which he will leave", "the brokenhearted, the captives, and them that are bound", "you will discontinue (forget) your heritage and you will serve your enemies in a foreign land" This is ALL in the bible! The same book that says "I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews and are not..." If they were the Jews and not us why do we fit the curses? Why don't they? If they were us how would they "remember this whole time" they were Jews when the bible said the real Jews would forget who they were? Wake up and return to your stolen heritage, we are the Israelites. I'm not looking for a like, please if this speaks to you RESEARCH IT!


Ohh God help these people! Another useless trend when there are many out here homeless starving and struggling🤬

Robert Abdullah Quali

everyday rappers get more weirder. I think most of you are embarrassment to the music culture.


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