Kawhi Leonard's Group Text Message Before Leaving Raptors for Clippers Revealed


When Kawhi Leonard left the Toronto Raptors, it was one of the most engaging offseason moments in NBA history. One person who had a firsthand look better than most people was his former teammate Fred VanVleet.

VanVleet spoke on 'All The Smoke' about the moment, telling fans that he actually didn't know what Kawhi was going to do himself.

"We was following it like y'all," VanVleet said. "Me and Kawhi wasn't like really super tight. I wasn't like the guy who was going to keep chasing him. I just respected him, we had a mutual respect. Him and Kyle was a bit closer. We was following it like everyone else. He was meeting with us, he was meeting with the Clippers. I couldn't see him going to the Lakers, but I could see the Clipper thing happening."

One night, when VanVleet was at a club celebrating his best friend's bachelor party, he received a text message from Kawhi Leonard breaking the news. Kawhi sent the message moments before the news went public.

"I was in the club the night before free agency, and we got a group text from Kawhi: 'Hey yall, I'm going home. Woo Woo.'" VanVleet said. "30 seconds later the tweets coming out that he's going to the Clippers. Alright, you can't do nothing but respect it."

Stories about Kawhi Leonard are few and far between. He's the most enigmatic man in the NBA, and only seldomly do we get to peek into the curtain. Kawhi Leonard staying with the Toronto Raptors is definitely a major "What If" in NBA history.

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