‘Aunt Viv’ Hospitalized: Pens Note To Will Smith

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Get Up Mornings with Erica Campbell

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Janet Hubert, our favorite Aunt Viv from the hit show The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was hospitalized. Although it is unclear why she was hospitalized.

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The actress took to Instagram with a post and delete, with a picture of her and Smith that read the caption; “Don’t waste precious time people in anger. Yes people will do you wrong and you must fight for truth no matter how long, and IF you can get the TRUTH you seek…find love again as we have.”

“Life is too short as I am in hospital as I write this to all of you. Holding onto anger will eat you alive. But truth at any cost, Reputation is PRICELESS. I LOVE YOU WILL for being strong enough to tell truth, and share your hurts and trauma. Now we close the doors and live our lives PEACE OUT!”, She continued.

We hope Janet Hubert gets well soon.


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Marsha Morgan

She was bitter and angry for a very long time. At some degree I bet she still is. She was a trained Juliard actress and dancer, where Will was a young newcomer/rapper who pulled the shots on a very popular hit show. It's not hard to believe that he probably had the big head and was at the very least disrespectful towards her. It's good they're able to make some type of amends. Because in the end while the other person is joyfully living their life, those kind of feelings only rob you of your health and happiness.

Tha Urban Thinker

if you think a early 20s will smith was that powerful your insane why doesnt janet blame the executives and producer of the show 🤔 they are the ones who have all the power and say..if they didn't like will they would have fired him and canceled the show.

Veronica Cooper

l am just speaking:I loved watching that TV show back in the day but l am also Praying for a speedy recovery in Jesus Name Amen.


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