What Are the Side Effects of the Pfizer, Moderna COVID Booster Shots?

Cover picture for the articleWith the emergence of the rapidly spreading omicron variant, COVID-19 booster shots are now strongly recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. "Everyone ages 18 and older should get a booster shot ... when they are six months after their initial Pfizer or Moderna series," CDC Director Dr. Rochelle...

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Death, heart attacks, strokes, to name a few!! Still quiet about the over 100 FIFA sure layers and coaches that have died or collapsed?!?

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what can I say you guys got it covered you have a 99.5 percent survival rate or take the vaccine and take your chances...that's why they call it the clot shot..


I had not one side effect. Not even a sore arm. I got my flu vaccine 3 weeks later with same results. My wife had a sore arm. Anytime the skin is punctured one can expect soreness so it should not really be counted. I even mismatched my vaccine though my wife chose not too. My sister is a doctor & felt comfortable enough to vaccinate her family of five ages 4, 5, 8 32, 33 a few months ago...all of them except for the new baby age 9 months. We're all ok although I did lose my identical twin brother early on when he was helping in NYC when this all began. RIP Beau!


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