New Yorkers react to de Blasio's vaccine mandates on private sector: 'Disaster' or 'about time'?

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleNEW YORK CITY – New Yorkers had mixed opinions about Mayor Bill de Blasio’s "first-in-the-nation" vaccine mandates affecting private companies and children over the age of 5. De Blasio, who will be replaced by Mayor-elect Eric Adams on Jan. 1, announced sweeping mandates across New York City Monday in...

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I am all about freedom of choice. There are vaccine that are mandatory for certain things. Example children have to have certain vaccines before going to school. The problem here though is this is not a vaccine! It is simply a shot. Just like the flu shot. Shots are optional, some vaccines are optional and some are mandatory. I do not know of shot that is mandatory because a "shot" does not prevent you from catching or spreading anything it just eases the effect of the disease if you contract it.

Eric Johnson

All of these Covid mandates are not legal orders and should not be followed. Stand up for freedom. Period!

One Who Cares

Don't believe in Mandates, but there is a shot, or vaccine what ever you call it, can't say I am happy with it, but I took the J&J and now they want a booster, it was only supposed to be one, I afraid its all money now,


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