Purple Porch Light? Here's Your Key to the Porch Light Color Code

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There is a popular tune from more than a few years ago that includes this lyric, “you say it best when you say nothing at all” . Sometimes we don’t really need words to convey our thoughts or passions. Sometimes all it takes is a look or a glance. However, in this case, and the cases of so many other causes support can be as simple or as singular as a solitary beacon of light penetrating the darkness of the evening.

We all have causes that we believe in and support. While most of us don’t mind being a bit more vocal about those causes there are some among us who choose to “speak softly and carry a big stick” or in this case a brilliantly lit porch light.
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As you and your family are making your way through your neighborhood after dark, I want you to notice the porch lights. In most cases, the lights are there for safety reasons. Lights deter burglars and a bright light on a front walk will greatly reduce the risk of a fall.

However, some homes don’t have the standard bug light or yellow light. They have lights of different colors. Now, at first blush, especially during December, you might think the lights are part of the holiday decorating scheme. While I can’t say that they aren’t all the time. Many of these colored themed porch lights have a bigger and more important message and meaning than “Happy Holidays”
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What Does a Purple Porch Light Mean?

The purple lights are displayed for those who want to bring awareness to domestic violence issues. Now, don’t get me wrong, a purple light doesn’t mean an abuser lives there, in fact, it means quite the opposite. The purple light stems from a movement called The Purple Light Nights whose motto is “Shine a light and save a life”.
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What Does a Red Porch Light Mean?

Once upon a time, a red light over a doorway meant something totally different from what it means today. Back then the red light was a beacon for lonely sailors looking for company but in today’s terms, a red porch light stands for something with a lot more virtue attached. A red porch light is often displayed to bring awareness to heart issues. In fact the American Heart Association encourages homes to display red porch lights every February as part of their awareness campaign.
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What Does a Blue Porch Light Mean?

There are two schools of thought about what a blue porch light means. Supporters of Autism Awareness use the blue lights to bring attention to their cause. It’s most prevalent during the month of April. In particular, the second of April. The blue porch light can also be viewed as showing support for law enforcement. Many communities use the blue on the porch to back the blue on the streets.
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What Does a Green Porch Light Mean?

You may have noticed more than a few green porch lights displayed around town a few weeks ago. That’s because the green porch light symbolizes support for veterans. Many people will turn a green porch light on for November 11th which is Veteran’s Day. In most cases, they will shine that light all month long.

Now on a more whimsical note, a lot of people in South Louisiana will also shine a green light for St. Patrick’s Day. No, there is no special meaning other than the connection of the color green with that particular holiday.

What Does a Pink Porch Light Mean?

I bet you’ve already figured this one out. It goes hand in hand with the pink ribbon. Pink porch lights are often displayed to show support for breast cancer research, survivors, and those currently undergoing treatment. The pink lights are displayed especially during the month of October.
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What Does an Orange Porch LIght Mean?

Before we dive into the meaning of this symbol let’s check the calendar. If it’s October, then there is a good chance the person displaying the orange porch light is just a fan of Halloween. Otherwise, a display of an orange porch light is supposed to illustrate the support of justice. Especially for cases in which there has been no justice for the victims involved.
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What Does a Yellow Porch Light Mean?

In most cases a yellow porch light means the homeowner does not want flying insects gathering around the front door. The bugs are not as attracted to the yellow colored lights as they are the standard bulbs. There have been some groups who have attempted to claim the “yellow bulb” as the beacon for their cause but the truth is this. Most people install those bulbs because of bugs.
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What Does a Flashing or Blinking Porch Light Mean?

In a less sinister application, the flashing or blinking light would simply mean that the homeowner needs to change the bulb or hire an electrician. However, there is some school of thought that suggests if you see a porch light flashing and it usually doesn’t it could be a silent call for assistance from someone inside the home.
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What Does a Regular White Porch Light Mean?

In most cases that light is on so the homeowner or visitors to the property can see better during the dark hours.
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Who Decides All of This?

I guess that decision comes down to we the people I suppose. No, you don’t have to support a cause to put a different colored porch light on your home. You can choose the color just because you like the way it looks. So, no, you are not beholden to follow these guidelines for porch lighting if you don’t want to follow them. As far as “who decided” I think these symbols all started as grassroots movements and just connected with people.

But hey, sometimes “when you say nothing at all” all your really trying to communicate to the outside world is this, it’s dark here’s a light, don’t fall.

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