White House, CNN promote Washington Post column claiming Biden is getting 'worse' media coverage than Trump

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleA column published in the Washington Post received plenty of fanfare from other members of the media and even the White House for suggesting that President Biden has received "worse" media coverage than former President Trump. Post columnist Dana Milbank went viral on Friday with a piece complaining about...

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David Fry

The difference is that all the bad media coverage on President Trump was made up because he didn’t fit their liberal agenda! On the other hand Biden bad media coverage is solely due to the fool’s own incompetence!

brian nickel

Laughable, not to mention actual reasons to impeach Biden, his out of control child is off limits to the MSM and protected on social media.....

Buster Hyman

You'd have to have been asleep for the entire 4 years of President Trump's term to believe this at all. Not only was the amount of bad coverage worse for Trump, but the things they were saying about him were more negative and usually lies. I can't think of anything the media has said about Biden that isn't true and not his own fault. If anything, there should be a lot more negative coverage of Biden, but most of the media is the propoganda wing of the democrat party, so you know it's got to be pretty bad for them to say anything negative about their own guy.


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