1-year-old baby girl beaten to death by family’s friend who was asked to look after the child overnight; sentenced

Shreveport Magazine
Shreveport Magazine
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The 38-year-old woman was sentenced to 30 years in prison for beating a family friend’s 15-month-old baby to death last year. Investigators asked her about the child’s bruising and she reportedly told them that the marks were the result of live saving measures she performed on the child. She later told...

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Sammy G ???

duh duh duh this pisses me off so bad and hurt all at the same time why do people do these things and people need to stop trusting everyone just because they say there your friend.. prayers for the baby and her family 😤

Valerie Rose

My Mom was the only one allowed to watch my babies! If she couldn’t I didn’t go out. Especially overnight. I don’t know circumstances of why child left with this woman. So I can’t judge. But anything that pertained to my babies from birth to their friends, schools and whatever move they made was under my watchful eye and my intuition as a Mom.


Senseless act she needs to be beaten to death which may happen in jail STOP LETTING EVERYBODY WATCH YOUR KIDS PEOPLE😤 Rest in paradise baby girl🥺


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