How can the people who have seen the worst of Trump still think the best of him?

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleA casual consumer of the news could be forgiven for thinking that former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows had broken with former president Donald Trump last week. News stories touted Meadows’s revelation in a new memoir that Trump had concealed a positive test for the coronavirus three days before...

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Trump had to go to battle every day. Each day Pres. Trump fought a war against the media, liberals, and Rhinos all to make America better. Better equipped military that Biden gave to terrorists. Trump Lowered gas prices, created pipeline jobs and Biden ended it first day! Trump lowered prescription costs and Biden has raised them. Trump fought alone without the help of the Republican Party. Today, Biden’s America is invaded with nearly 2 Million illegals, murderers, terrorists, bringing diseases that America eradicated decades ago, to suck off the backs of the working Americans trying to make ends meet. Americans abandoned in Afghanistan, high gas prices, heating prices, high food prices, shortages, shipping crisis, all intentionally created by the Biden admin. Biden and Kamala are a disaster for this country with their job killing.


It's simple.....they are weak with no morals. They are impressed by a grifter that's been proven in front of the entire world that he tells nothing but lies! Lies and commits crimes! In a true democracy he'd been put on trial already!


Brainwashed! He put $ in peoples pockets and said what very few people had the gall to. He appealed to people thru nationalism and pride but he did just the opposite in how he handled things. He was the Carrol Occonor (Archie Bunker) of Presidents but if you know anything about Occonor - he was a big human rights and equality person. Trump was none of that and the ignorant things that he did and said - he ment! It kinda just goes to show you how people feel about $ and how much they actually care about their fellow man. When he was defeated in the last Presidental Election (and he was soundly defeated - no bs Voter Fraud) it was a win for the human race and really had very little to do with Biden or Harris. Lucky thing because these two hit far from the mark in effectiveness. Trump came up with ideas of voter fraud long before the actual election as a way to fight against an impending loss in the polls. Terms like “Fake News” and other cheap slogans only incited people against


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