Longer Interval Between First, Second COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Dose Associated With Higher Antibody Levels

Cover picture for the articleA longer interval between first and second doses of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines results in a stronger immune response, according to a study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases. The investigators compared blood test results from a total of 186 paramedics, some of whom received their second dose less than 4 weeks after...

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Leslie Meadows

seriously?! Now they come out with this? Why doesn't anyone talk about natural immunity and how long that will work? Oh wait, I know...because then all of us who already had covid would not get the Jab so quickly without more information to go on. I also am seeing that the third jab(booster) is making people just as sick.


Why care? Whether you get it or not you can still spread it an/or get it, that's fact. So that fact renders mandates useless even if you believe there's an emergency. So why take it? Why do you even care? It might help you stay out of the hospital or dying which is a ridiculous odd anyway (not an emergency) The fact that the VAERS numbers are so high should give any normally reasonable person to caution and read the advise & consent letter you're suppose to sign. You know you're signing away any recource against these manufacturers in case you get I'll or die. Did you know, yeah that's right . The manufacturers have nothing to lose!!! Why do you think they're posting PROFITS not SALES OF BILIONS not Milions every MONTH not year. Are you nuts putting this in you or what???

Aaron Z

it's almost as if they are using human test subjects. you would think they would have figured that out prior to doing as many people as they could talk into taking it.


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