Erykah Badu Introduces Fans To Her 27-Year-Old Fiancé, Responds To Age Critics

Cover picture for the articleErykah Badu isn't sure why, in most articles about her, journalists feel a need to mention her age. After showing off her love with her partner JaRon Adkison this week, gossip articles were posted on several websites about the age difference between them. Adkison is reportedly 27-years-old...

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y'all need to stop with this double standard s*** I know a 50 year old man right now that's where the 27 year old woman and guess what they are happily ever after about to get married in a few years been together as long as me and my man and we've been together nine years y'all don't have a problem when it come with men being with these little girls no problem but when as soon as a woman do it it's like oh my God get out of here with that double standard bullcrap


Stop caring about others relationship and where they are headed and pay attention where this shadow government trying to take us!

Tiffany Headley

age is not just a number ten yrs ago he was 17, that woman is older than me. what do you have in common besides sex? from two entire different eras, how do you build with someone who still need to find themselves.


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