A GOP lawyer issues a frantic warning to his own party about Trump and 2024

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleBenjamin Ginsberg, a veteran Republican election lawyer, just issued a stark warning to lawmakers in his own party: If you don’t act now to protect our system, the losing candidate in the 2024 presidential election might seek to overturn the will of the people — and succeed. Opinions to...

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Timothy Houle

JUSTICE WILL NOT BE SATISFIED UNTIL TRUMP, AND ALL WHO CONSPIRED WITH HIM ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE JANUARY SIXTH INSURRECTION 🗽.The Electoral vote can be mandated to be a direct derivation of the popular vote, state by state. There are only a few states left to sign on to this, every time a presidential election comes around.

ByeDon is ur prez

If the gop has any hope for middle of the road moderate / independent voters they better find more candidates willing to stand up and distance themselves from tRump


It was Reagan, not "Regan." And Trump didn't implement the Constitution. It was implemented in 1787. Also, Trump planned to subvert it. He openly talked about wanting to remove the 14th Amendment, which is part of the Constitution. He also wanted Pence to not certify the electoral votes, which the Constitution requires. So he wanted Pence to violate the Constitution. He has talked about having Florida Governor DeSantis as his running mate, which violates the 12th Amendment "The Electors...shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves." I don't know where you went to school, but you evidently never learned History or civics.


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