NBA World Reacts To Monday’s Damian Lillard News

The Spun
The Spun
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Damian Lillard has sent the NBA world into a frenzy on Monday morning. The Portland All-Star reportedly wants to play with Ben Simmons, per Shams Charania and Sam Amick. Portland discussed a trade with Philadelphia while former GM Neil Olshey was still with the team but the two sides couldn’t come...

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Xbox One Guy

why are they trying to trade McCollum? they need to get rid of clumsy Nurk 1st the guy can't play any defense and all he does is foul and trio and fall all over the place taking off balanced shot attempts 🤦

ryan persaud

He would have a grantee championship ring and many more if he joins the Lakers. Replace him with west brook and that is a smart trade to make and a very easy trip to the finals each time. Davis, LeBron and Lillard would be a real triple threat on the court. To wear the purple and gold and play for them career wise is a major honor a player in the league wishes for all the time.


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