Senate set to vote on bill barring Biden vaccine mandate, likely to pass with Manchin support

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Fox News

Cover picture for the articleThe Senate is set to vote this week on a resolution to nullify President Biden's vaccine mandate for private companies, as Republicans and at least one Democrat push back on the administration's rule requiring vaccines or inconvenient testing rules for workers at large businesses. All 50 Senate Republicans, led...

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Sterling Stout

It's about time that The republicans start pushing back At least one Democrat or 2 I was got a little bit of common sense let's go Brandon

George Green

The President of the United States does not have the Constitutional authority to dictate hire and fire policy on either private or public enterprises, regardless of the number of employees, or the health risk factors. He doesn't make the law. Congress makes the laws. The President enforces the laws. Once enforced, the Supreme Court determines their Constitutionality. We're still a democracy, not a Communist State.

Jason Gibson

It's ok My fellow Republicans. our time is coming again soon. and I will be working on starting up a bill to ban democrats from being in power on a federal level. and also ban any foreigners and anyone of any race not born in this country from being part of our federal government. ( congress) etc. we have foreigners in OUR congress. and a communist on top of it.. the AOC. if there not about freedom. and aren't born here and they should have no say in this country.


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