Gregg Popovich On The Spurs’ Defensive Effort On Stephen Curry: “I Thought We Did Well Until He Decided To Do What He Wanted To Do, And Then He Did What He Wanted To Do Way Better Than Anything We Wanted To Do. That’s Who He Is.”

Cover picture for the articleStephen Curry has been on another planet this season when it comes to his performances. He has been a steady MVP candidate while helping the Warriors achieve one of the best records in the NBA in an incredible start to the season. And one of the greatest coaches of...

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a real coach for you right there I love how he gave step his props even with the list we got I respect him to the fullest and anybody who cant is a real hater that man kept it real when step is ready to take over he do it so easy he is the best shooter in the game nobody can take that away from him.when he hot it's no stopping him💯💪


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