Montana of 300 Says He’s ‘Fighting for His Life’ With COVID-19 One Month After Anti-Vax Post

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Montana of 300 announced he's suffering from a serious bout with COVID-19 exactly one month after putting up an anti-vax post on social media. On Wednesday (Dec. 1), the Chicago rhymer, who previously made an Instagram post shaming people who yielded to pressure to get vaccinated, alerted his fans on social...

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Ignore the unvaccinated. They need the deal and live with the choices they make. Unvaccinated people have no ability to understand data driven research evidence and are not going to change their minds. They just use these sites for attention towards their conspiracy beliefs and theories. Vaccinated people do not care about unvaccinated people. The unvaccinated need to own their choices!

lie detector

Tell that dumb shit to person next to you in the icu that listened to your dumb ass !! No vaccine then get out of the bed and go home and shake it off sick of you fools bringing God in to your ill informed decision not to get the vaccine when run to doc for everything else and have taken vacs for other shit shut up and suffer fools

Matt Dupre

Why do they call it a vaccine? It’s a shot that may or may not lessen symptoms… yes finding a cure for covid would be the best thing since sliced bread but remember that not finding it is how we butter our bread…


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