Biden Knows Billions in Abandoned Military Equipment Will be Used Against Americans (VIDEO)

Cover picture for the articleAmericans were outraged when President Joe Biden called for the hasty retreat of American Military forces out of Afghanistan last August, a move that left 13 American servicemen and women dead, and billions of dollars in military equipment behind. Military leaders and former military members of the U.S. Congress,...

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Paul Sumner

We the people in masses need to voice the fact that the Biden regime is a threat to national security. When you have time contact senators and let them know how we feel

Bite this

Everything left behind has the potential to assist their cause, their goals. Now we finally have witnesses to his being fully aware of the consequences and he blatantly undermined the safety of the world. Can we please have him and his administration removed. The administration is equally responsible for handling the situation so pathetically.

Greg Smith

With leaders like him, who needs enemies! I wonder if he made that deal with the Taliban to leave all the military equipment behind, before he left Afghanistan? I'd check his bank account or somebody real close to him.


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