Congress must investigate Hunter Biden – and those protecting him. Here's why

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleDespite every effort of the Biden administration, the Justice Department, the congressional Democrats and the propaganda media, Hunter Biden is going to end up being investigated – and the impact on President Joe Biden, his administration and his legacy is going to be enormous. As more stories about Hunter...

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There is nothing that will make BIDEN'S legacy any worse. Everyone knows he is a complete failure. But, it will be good to see the Biden crime family in prison.


They may say that they will investigate and may "look into it" but the investigation will take years and go away quietly...just like Hillary. The government does not prosecute their own. While Democrats and Republicans fight over social issues, they also protect each other. Government agencies and DOJ paid to look the other way. Political corruption and bribery is rampant on both sides. True Democrats and Republicans flipping sides and holding out to vote for bills to the highest bidders. I'm a Republican because I agree with them on most issues however I also believe our government is very corrupt and I do think that Biden and Hunter are bought and paid by China and Russia...problem is, they will never do anything about it. Too much money changing hands.


All of these allegations were WELL known BEFORE the election. The corrupt main stream media buried the story. I'm a registered Independent voter. Since Biden took over, my family has seen a real downturn in our lives. Inflation is real and is taking a toll on middle class Amerca! Freedom of the press does not mean you can lie to the citizens of this country. No wonder Fox News has so many viewers.


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