WWE Supershow: The Bloodline suffer a massive loss

Cover picture for the articleThe Bloodline are one of the newest professional wrestling stables on WWE. They are a Heel stable that currently performs on Smackdown. It features Roman Reigns, Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso. Featuring three members and Paul Heyman as the manager, the faction gets its names from the fact that all the...

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Phil Strong

😏 Can't be a massive loss if no one knows about it. And how they (article) gon say no factions have had the same success as the Bloodline. Guess they never heard of the Hurt Business! lol

Christy Dunn

he only hold the championship because of his cousin interfering and helping him out... without their help he would have been lost the title

Katherine Epley

okay chief Roman Reigns bow down to you that's just your wrestling name the Usos with your cousin My grandma likes you but she's not around now she's in heaven rest in peace my grandma like you Roman she's in heaven up there looking down watching you with me on watching me or watching her with me or what she's watching it with me on TV watching you I love you guys


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