Black employees are perceived as more professional when they adjust their behavior to mirror White norms


Cover picture for the articleA new study suggests that Black employees who adjust their styles of speech, name selection, and hairstyles to mirror White norms are perceived as more professional in the workplace. The findings come from a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. The United States’ deep history of...

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Leeroy Jenkins

white norms? Speaking proper English? Being on time? Dressing appropriately? None of these things are white attributes....these are attributes of successful people in general.


So you're saying that being on time, being polite, adjusting the volume of one's voice, dressing appropriately, and keeping conversations work appropriate, are all exclusively things that white people do? 🤔

Alex Drake

Gee. I own a corporation with 697 employees. Those employees are paid quite well because they are loyal and valuable members of our team. They include pretty much every race. But, we also deal with other professionals and as a respected company, we must display professionalism, intelligence, common courtesy, and exceptionalism. The first thing a customer sees of your company is your employees and if they are dressed like they are rappers and they talk like a street thug, any confidence they might have in you as a company is gone. There ARE standard rules of conduct, dress, and communications that are expected of all of us in the business world. Even when you aren't working, and out in public, you are still a representative of your company. That's just the way it is and if you can't understand that, we certainly do not want you as a team member.


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