Days after school shooting, Rep. Thomas Massie posts family photo with guns, asks Santa for ammo for Christmas

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(CNN) — US Rep. Thomas Massie is drawing criticism after tweeting a photo of him and his family holding guns in front of a Christmas tree, just days after four teenagers were killed in a school shooting in Michigan. "Merry Christmas!, ps. Santa, please bring ammo," read the Saturday...

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Kathy Tortora

This shooting in Michigan was avoidable.. The signs were there but were ignored by the school and most of all his parents who are changed also.. DO NOT MAKE THiS POLITICAL 😡😡. It’s not them versus us.. When you make it about that it Just further causes division as so many who have posted here have..Mental Health is completely being pacified and overlooked..because you have to be seriously sick to do this…stop the finger pointing at who you may not agree with and find a common ground.. this country is broken and until you all stop finger-pointing at each other nothing will get fixed..

Sheri Malinowski

as a gun owner I am all for the 1st and 2nd amendments but I am also thinking we need to be a little sensitive to the families and friends of the murder victims come on dude not cool

Norie Franceschi

Families that come together, teach values and respect for others, as well as those that act like a responsable parent , could help educate the public!


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