New Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer Released by Netflix


Cover picture for the articleFollowing the first look at the new film that arrived yesterday, Netflix has debuted the first official trailer for Texas Chainsaw Massacre, their upcoming new sequel to the 1974 classic that will stream on the service in 2022. Dropping the "The" and making Chainsaw one word instead of two are the...

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I caint wait to see I like movies that's a continuation of a story not a remake or reboot people saying remake didnt watch or read that it takes place long time after the original movie and texas chainsaw massacre the original never had a proper continuation of the story just the comedy version with one original cast member and a goofball story then other sequels still nothing to truly follow or make sense then the remakes and then continuation of those I hope it will be great if you look at it as a reboot or remake which it's not like halloween the original and the 2018 there ignoring all other movies ever made except the original I just hope they did a better job then they did


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