Chris Combs Drops 100-Lbs. Without Weight Loss Surgery

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Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman’s brother Chris Combs has managed to lose 100 pounds without the assistance of weight loss surgery. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans took to Reddit recently to call attention to how much weight Chris Combs has managed to lose in the past year. And, they pointed out Tammy and...

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Barb Clark

Really admire Chris. He puts both Amy and Tammy to shame. He got off track because of his surgery he admitted it. But I'm glad to see he is back on track and losing.

Judith Chaney

I don't think Tammy wants to lose her weight she keeps enabling herself she doesn't want to get up and walk just want to exercise she doesn't want to diet but people have to realize that when you put on that much weight you're putting a big strain on your heart all your organs your legs are not going to walk you have no upper body strength no lower body strength so I believe that Tammy is not wanting to do this so she can feel better her health is pretty much gone downhill and is probably too late for her to even try to lose the weight she gets all this attention from all these guys they don't want anything to do with her it's only for fame and money and that's what she's going for she's jealous of Amy her sister because she's married and has a child but Amy could lose a little bit more weight now so she's had her child I am proud Chris he's doing a great job keep it up Kris you can do it I have faith in you.

Catterly Blu

Chris is the best thing about that show. And he’s naturally funny and quick witted. Tammy and Amy doing that baby talk, belching and showing what disgusting foods they’re eating, think they’re humorous, but it’s just annoying AF


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