Princess Charlene and Princess Grace’s shared tragic Monaco ‘misery’

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleReal-life princesses don’t always get a fairy-tale ending. But in Monaco, tragedy has a tendency to repeat itself. Now some say that the troubles of Monaco’s Princess Charlene — who returned to Monaco in November after months in South Africa, only to leave again within days for a treatment center —...

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Tonya Waters

Grace didn't have armed guard's forceing her too get married . and Grace wanted to get married . unlike her .she fled before the wedding and his dumbass had guard's stop her at the airport and forcing her back to a wedding she didn't want . that says everything . and I can't blame her finding out that you had a child with the help .


People get involved with Princes and royalty and then complain because their life isnt a Disney or Hallmark,movie. If she really,didnt want to,marry she could have said no at the alter was televised. She could have left before she had children. This was not a phyically weak women.


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