Zendaya Wore The Most Risqué Backless Gown On The Red Carpet In Paris—OMG!

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Zendaya once again proved why she was the very deserving recipient of this year’s CFDA Fashion Icon Award when she walked the red carpet for the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Theatre du Chatelet in Paris on Monday, November 29th. Just look at her!

The 25-year-old Dune actress made history last month by becoming the youngest star to receive the prestigious accolade, and every time she walks the red carpet, we can’t help but nod our heads in agreement. Snaps to the CFDA for crowning such a worthy fashion icon! Zendaya was noticeably absent from The British Fashion Awards which were held on the same night, but thankfully, she still gave us everything we wanted – and more – with her super-risqué Ballon D’Or red carpet look. We knew she wouldn’t let us down!

Showing the world why she is an award-winning style maven, the Euphoria actress walked the red carpet in a head-turning vintage black Roberto Cavalli dress. It wasn’t just any old dress though – it was the iconic spine dress from Roberto Cavalli’s Fall 2000 collection. Zendaya was only four years old when the scorpion-esque dress made its runway debut all those years ago – little did she know that she would be rocking it on a red carpet on the other side of the world two decades down the line. The Greatest Showman star looked poised, elegant, and totally fierce, and really sold the dress with every single movement she made on the red carpet. She owned it!

The Malcom & Marie actress attended the event with her boyfriend and Spider-Man: No Way Home co-star Tom Holland, who we suspect was also floored by her sensational appearance. We would say we don’t know how he could keep his hands off her, but we think the metal scorpion on her back might have just done it! Ouch! Zendaya didn’t seem phased by the metal detailing on her back at all, which once again proves why designers are falling over themselves to join a seemingly endless queue of people waiting to dress her. We can’t wait to see what other exciting fashion moments she has over the next few months – we predict great things!

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Michelle Crespo

Why is this a thing ? When minors are being made to look older at these events let them live their lives accordingly making them act and look like fully grown adults makes my stomach turn


It looks good on her, but not risky. Cher was the ultimate and original "risky" when it came to fashion.


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