Vaccine hesitant man changed his mind over the Covid-19 vaccines when he ended up in hospital, his anti-vax wife lost the battle with the virus

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It has been almost a year since the vaccines against Covid-19 were rolled out in United States, but there are millions of people who still remain vaccine hesitant and decide not to get the shot. From incentives to mandates, companies and the federal government are doing everything in their power to...

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I don’t understand why people don’t get vaccinated. All thru life starting when ur a baby. U get vaccinated for things. U go to dr he says u need this shot. In the army we got shots. When we went to China we got vaccinated. My god to die over something so simple.

Jacqueline Skye Outlaw

I spent the recent Thanksgiving with my family of relatives and friends. All of us fully vaccinated. One of my close young adult relatives tested positive for COVID but he only had a sore throat and later a cough. We were all together and no one else fell ill. I stayed with he and his family a few days. He was up and eating, participating with the rest of us. He was only sick for about a week and nothing too major. His throat was painfully sore. And the dry cough that lingered for a few days kicked in later. He's back to normal. I repeat, we shared hugs, laughs, and meals. No one else fell ill.. vaccines work! That's why we all need to be vaccinated! Last Thanksgiving, this would have been disaster!

Shelly IND

These articles are not false. See people like this all the time. Its frustrating really. Ever have to tell someone I'm sorry its too late for a vaccine? When it happens to someone you love I guess thats when you will understand.


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