Britney Spears Heartbreak: Sam Asghari Only Using Songstress To Launch An Acting Career? 'Toxic' Hitmaker Reported To Host A Huge 40th Birthday Party In Mexico

Cover picture for the articleBritney Spears is reportedly warned about her finance, Sam Asghari. Britney Spears is having the time of her life after her father finally filed to end the conservatorship that controlled the pop star’s life for several years. Days after receiving the good news, the “Toxic” hitmaker announced her engagement to her...

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Linda Fearrin

I'm glad for that she's handling herself and all. But I just cant help thinking there something just a little bit off with her. Don't get me wrong I love her music. I wonder if there was more to the super control her dad over her. It's like she been in a locked in a box so long she doesn't know how to act now just saying.

Monica Ortiz

Britney has been hurt so many times by the ones closest to her .I truly hope this man loves her and wants to be there for her through thick and thin. I wish her the best 🙂

Shirley Ciferri

I don't think this guy will make her happy. I sure hope she doesn't marry him. I think the right one is out there, but I just don't want to see her hurt anymore.


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