Lance Stephenson On Guarding LeBron James: "A Lot Of Guys Are Scared Of Him. They Don’t Want To Play Him Too Hard, It’s Like They Don’t Want To Really Compete With Him."

Cover picture for the articleLance Stephenson and LeBron James had intense battles during their time in the Eastern Conference. The rivalry was hotter when Bron was with the Miami Heat and Stephenson was a key piece for the Indiana Pacers led by Paul George and coached by Frank Vogel. During the first half...

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Well most guys that try get in foul trouble because the game is rigged for LeBron. People that call the games make it understood to the fans that he gets special treatment. It's no secret. This is why Micheal Jordan is 🐐

andrew page

LeBron is washed up thats why he left Miami, Cleveland. next be la he needs to retire and shut his mouth !! PERIOD!!


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