The F-105 Vice Wing Commander that was court-martialed for having protected one of its pilots that erroneously strafed a Russian ship while attacking NVA AAA

Cover picture for the articleAs 388th TFW Vice Commander Col Jack Broughton put it, ‘I had been shot down by our own people’. To avoid the possible entrance of Chinese or Soviet forces into the Vietnam War, Washington tightly controlled these bombing operations. Limitations imposed included no bombing in the “sanctuaries” around Hanoi (the capital...

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Keith Brent

The U.S. should of mined the harbors, destroyed the dikes, and destroyed the bridges bringing in supplies from China and destroyed the aircraft on the ground at the beginning of the conflict.

LeRoy Bledsoe

during the Vietnam war, the journalist that reported on the war did not tell the people the truth about what was going on in the war. we needed leader's like. Patton. Patton said never give up the ground that you have taken, we did not do that, we fought a battle then went back too our bunlers. our President and leader's let our troops down


Politicians with no military training micromanaging the military cause many problems. Let the military do what they are trained to do and do not make them politically correct losers.


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