Republican foes of Chris Cuomo comment on stunning suspension: 'Needs to be fired immediately'

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSome of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo's Republican foes had sharp words for the liberal host after he was indefinitely suspended this week by the scandal-plagued network. Cuomo was reprimanded after evidence of his extensive involvement in his brother Andrew Cuomo's political operations amid sexual harassment allegations was too much for CNN...

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Why is ted cruz speaking? Especially after leaving the country when his state was in a weather crisis. Ted you're the one that should have been fired!!!

Mary Ellen McCollum

So sad that someone else’s downfall is such a joke …Gotta give it to you though comparing the integrity of CNN to the integrity of FOX was the biggest joke of all…FOX has no integrity they really should start cleaning house on that network…CNN will loose if they fire Chris his show is very popular. I don’t think they will find someone to fill that slot with the same ratings Chris had..this was inevitable though . Once Andrew went down the cry was one down one to go..Chris did what any brother would do…if we are talking about breaking rules and firing those offenders..there would be no one to do the news anymore..🤣


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