Common Shares Birthday Post for Tiffany Haddish Following Split

Cover picture for the articleTogether or not, Common is celebrating Tiffany Haddish on her birthday. The 49-year-old entertainer took to Instagram on Friday to celebrate "the queen" on her 42nd birthday, amid their recent split. "Happy Birthday to the Queen @tiffanyhaddish! One of the most beautiful and dynamic and wonderful people I’ve ever...

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Your Royal Highness

I knew this wasn't going to last. When she stated something about wanting real estate for her birthday gift, I knew he'd be out the door. Sis, he's just not that into you...or any other woman. He's waiting on the "perfect woman," but doesn't realize she doesn't even exist.

1 make it make sense

he's a very nice looking man but I think he has issues he never stays with anybody for a long time


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