‘Sister Wives’: Kody’s Daughter’s Partner Comes Out As Transgender

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In the latest Sister Wives news, one of Kody Brown’s daughter’s partners has come out as transgender. His daughter’s partner took to Instagram a few hours ago to share a big life update. His daughter’s partner explained they would still be going by the same name, but they would now be...

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Jill Anderson-Lang

All bets are that Kody lost his mind about this. He wasn't pleased when his daughter came out as gay. This probably sent him into another mid life crisis & caused his hairline to recede even more. For a man who wants the world to think it's ok to have sex with 4 dif women, have 20 kids & claim his religion wants him to have sex with as many wives & women as possible & procreate until you don't even know all your kids names nor spend any time with said kid's makes you wonder how he justifies multiple sex partners, but can't embrace his own kids

Jason Rushing

so she's a lesbian female who wants to have male parts but be called an it/them/they and that leaves her girlfriend partner who is a lesbian female wanting another female only that her lesbian female partner is now going it an it/they/them male??? does that cancel out his daughter being a lesbian and she's straight now 🤔


I wouldn't be writing about or giving these people any attention until they figure out who they want to be. Why confuse the rest of the world because these people are confused about themselves and can't accept themselves as they are, and the way that they were created?


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