Russia planning massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops, U.S. intelligence warns

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleAs tensions mount between Washington and Moscow over a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, U.S. intelligence has found the Kremlin is planning a multi-front offensive as soon as early next year involving up to 175,000 troops, according to U.S. officials and an intelligence document obtained by The Washington Post....

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Michael Burdette

you people need to understand the united states' needs to stay out of it. a war with Russia will not be conventional. an we will have to deal with china at the same time. . it's time for America to lock it's borders an bring the jobs home an anyone here that don't like the way things the way they are put on boats an planes an sent to russia

Steve Danielsen

Why is Russia and China on the war path? Reason, because they know the U.S. will not stand in their way. We have the weakest leadership in our country's history.

Truth Bomb Deal With It

The Dems said Trump was weak, but Russia and China never did anything, they never even threatened anything. Now that we have a weak, dementia ridden President Russia is openly announcing their intent to invade Ukraine, while China infects the world with a virus they produced…there isn’t even talks about making China pay for what they did. Biden is the weakest president this country has ever produced.


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