‘America’s Got Talent’ star Jay Jay Phillips has died from Covid-19 – reports

The Independent
The Independent

America’s Got Talent star Jay Jay Phillips has died, aged 30.

His family told TMZ that the musician was suffering from Covid-19 at the time of his death, noting that he became sick during Thanksgiving week.

The outlet also reported that his family and friends were checking in on him, but just before the holiday his condition deteriorated.

While his family urged him to go to the hospital, the outlet reports that he told them that he just needed to “sleep it off”.

Phillips’ girlfriend and mother reportedly returned to check on him on Thanksgiving and found him dead at his home.

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Now did anyone notice that when they are unvaxxed and die, it gets pointed out in the articles, but when they are vaxxed and die, they don’t tell us...


what's disturbing to see are the comments from people placing blame on either your vaxx or unvaxx. Have we lost sight of the ones who are truly responsible for this virus and its spread .. perhaps our Goverment and their advisory..


What is sad is that people who don’t want the jab feel that they can’t go get treatment and try to take care of it themselves. The flu (which is deadlier) and when people choose not to get the flu vaccine can access care and not be shamed for their decision and just get therapeutics to help. Therapeutics that have been tested well beyond the 18 months that this experiment has. Just be kind and respectful each other’s decisions. This is not Nazi land and should not fall prey to the propaganda parade to divide


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