Sparks fly in 'View' clash over 'broken' Biden campaign promise concerning 'Remain in Mexico' policy

Fox News
Fox News

Cover picture for the articleSparks flew on the set of ABC's "The View" Friday as co-hosts clashed over President Biden's decision to restart the Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy. During a segment discussing Biden's decision, co-host Ana Navarro butted heads with Sunny Hostin and guest host America Ferrera over the policy, with the latter two...

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All people stepping on US soil illegally do have rights to citizenship; there is a process they should have to go through first, it has always been that way. There are criminals coming over our borders. I am all for anyone coming to this country the legal way, not illegally. I can’t believe anyone even watches the View, a terrible program.

Lorraine Learned

what the American public does not like is that illegal immigrants are coming in "ILLEGALLY " which means they're breaking the law , and being rewarded by receiving benefits that shouldn't be given until they are legal. all the money being spent on them should rightly go to american veterans, seniors, and anyone else who has given to the system..or OUR poor, hungry, homeless, battered, crime victims, or any Americans that might need help first. Health Care and housing. healthcare and housing should be given to americans first, let the legal immigrants earn it like we have to. they should have to be here a few years before they are eligible

Nolan Armstrong

I got an idea: hey the view? don't like common sense rules? the next Thousand unvaccinated illegals that cross the border will be sent straight to your gated neighborhood and will be allowed to live there free off the govt. deal?


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