It’s time to say it: The conservatives on the Supreme Court lied to us all

Washington Post

Cover picture for the articleYes, I’m talking about the conservative justices on the Supreme Court, and the abortion rights those justices have now made clear they will eviscerate. Opinions to start the day, in your inbox. Sign up. They weren’t just evasive, or vague, or deceptive. They lied. They lied to Congress and...

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Tom Kulas

Once again if a far lefty votes according to their ideology all is well! But if a conservative votes according to their conscience or ideology it’s horrible! The left hates freedom of thought and freedom of speech! And wants to stifle it at every turn.

Belinda Purdy

Regardless of what happens with Roe v Wade, abortion will continue to happen..the saddest part women will revert back to what they did prior to Roe v Wade..back alley abortions..which means they could be permanently scarred or even worse suffer death..but according to conservatives, that's ok..women know this is just a way to exert control, as usual men are NOT held accountable for their part in pregnancy..its sad that so many women on the R DENY they too are having abortions..its NOT just women on the L..

Steve Brown

notice how the liberal commentators complain and call the conservatives liars when they aye on the losing end. But they are not complaining about all the liberal opinions passed down by the court. especially the Warren Court.


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