What Does Bipolar Disorder Look Like?

Cover picture for the articleThere are four types of bipolar disorder. Not all individuals diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience depressive states. Medication is typically required for effective maintenance of these disorders. When it comes to diagnosing mood disorders or personality disorders, it’s important to recognize that there is often a great amount of...

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LeeAnn O'Donnell

I am bipolar . to be honest, the depression part doesn't really present itself for me. I don't get all sad and sucked up, staying in bed , over eating , under eating ...and so on. my mania is my super power! I am not on any medications. tried all of that. I smoke Marijuana, it works well for me with my mania being in hyper drive. so I guess my point is, not everyone with "bipolar" fits into these little boxes. we are not all the same. Depression is not something I experience. I honestly dislike depressed people, because I am so "high" on mania, I can't relate to it. at all.


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