Meghan Markle Shock: Prince William Thinks Duchess Was Used As A Puppet On Ellen Show? Vows Never To Forgive Her

Cover picture for the articlePrince William and Kate Middleton allegedly felt humiliated by Meghan Markle's "Ellen Show" gig. Prince William and Meghan Markle’s relationship remains strained. Previous reports revealed that the second in line to the throne wasn’t thrilled when Prince Harry informed him that he was going to propose to Markle. In fact, the...

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If Meghan had been a part of this family all along I could kinda understand because of we don't know what goes on behind closed doors but because she was an adult that knew FULL well what she was getting into and chose to be a part of the Royal Family so for her to turn around so quickly and create such a scandal for the Royals is inexcusable! Something is just not right! And we all know her own family is majorly dysfunctional! The ole "the apple doesn't fall fall from the tree" scenario!


Megan needs to be stripped completely off her title. She is taking advantage of the position of being Harry’s wife. This I believe, was her plan from day one. Now she has complete control of Harry bc of the children and he is definitely wrapped around her finger!

Kirk Johnson

Markle knew exactly what she was doing. She is the most photographed and talked about person in the world right now. She knows that any publicity is good publicity and she is going for the gold.


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