Biden administration pushed Congress to water down anti-China bill: report

New York Post

Cover picture for the articleA top State Department official urged a key senator earlier this year to tamp down the language in a bill meant to prevent the importation of goods from China that are made using Uyghur forced labor, according to a new report. The Washington Post, citing Biden administration officials, reported...

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Adam Vandiver

i dont think the democrats have a problem wih slavery. There is an irony to all of this. they only care about votes. these people cant vote in American so as long as too many people don't find out. they want have to do anything about it.

Asshole American

Here we go Biden taking care of his Buddies again..And then lieing to the American people..


UNTIL and unless there is a full and independent investigation of whether the chinese virus was deliberately created or was part of biological weapons research, Biden, progressive Democrats, and China is a enemy of the world. They deserve no respect, no trust, no consideration. All assets owned by China or it's citizens outside of China need to be seized to pay the world for the costs of the virus: even if this seizure breaks China.   Progressive democrats like the bidens, the obama's and the clinton's, should be considered chinese agents and enemies until there is an investigation. If it is proven that the Chinese virus was part of biological weapon development, that people should be executed as in Nuremberg.......Justice is a demanding mistress and she must be served even if it destroys the guilty. The accused, biden, WHO and Ch8na should be assumed guilty until there is an investigation.


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