Peter Helliar says he caught COVID from co-host who made headlines for their vaccine stance

Cover picture for the articlePeter Helliar has revealed that he caught COVID-19 from one of his co-hosts on Channel Ten’s The Project. Speaking on KISS FM’s 3 pm Pick Up (via The Herald Sun), hosted by Monty Dimond and Kate Langbroek, Helliar revealed the latter gave him the virus after she appeared as a guest...

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Mikey Pags

now wait...did his covid germs have an identification bracelet?please tell me how you can unequivocally say this?wtf?

D Ali

My neighbor passed away 2 days ago. Found him an 1hr n a half ago. dead. When he found out he was magnetic he said, I'm a die. We tried to brush it off like naw. It'll be alright. And now at 19 he's dead. 2 shots and a booster. 😓1 Death from something that's supposed to be helping is unacceptable.

Private Patriot

I have a cousin (with a spouse) who are vaccinated (not because they want to be but they have high positions which require them to be). They had friends over who were sick with covid and healed 2 months prior, but my vaccinated cousins got covid anyhow. I have another friend in the US who had the covid vaccine, and a booster, but caught covid 10 days after his booster shot. Then, he spread it to his vaccinated son. Where did you go to medschool, Whiskers and Hairballs University?


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