The Yummiest Cookies In Colorado Are At This Award-Winning Bakery

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Cookies are amazing treats, snacks, and post-meal desserts. Most restaurants, bakeries, cafes, and even stores sell these delicious sweets . What makes them even better are the various flavors and ways you can make them .

From the classic chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin to shortbreads and macarons, the sky is the limit. You can even make delightful creations like ice cream sandwiches. Cookies also lend themselves well to vegan tastes, too.

But where can you find the tastiest cookies in Colorado? According to Spoon University , you should head over to...

Victory Love + Cookies !

"This award-winning Denver bakery has been accumulating best cookie prizes for almost a decade," writers say. "To get a true taste of a grown-up dessert, try one of their booze-infused cookies, like the Bourbon Ginger Ale flavor."

All kinds of cookies and unique flavors are on the menu. Diablo cookies feature a "velvety chocolate" flavor and strong spices like cinnamon and cayenne. Cowboy Joe will excite your tastebuds with semisweet chocolate, cornflakes, pecans, and oats. If you can't make up your mind on what to try, grab Kristy's Pick box. You'll get a "fun mix" of flavors and favorites.

Victory Love + Cookies is located at 3200 Irving Street in Denver. They're available for takeout only.

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