Arca Releases Four New Albums 'Kick ii,' 'iii,' 'iiii' & 'iiiii'

Cover picture for the articleArca has released not one, not two, not three but whole whole albums today. Technically the first three were released in over the week, but now they can all be found together in a massive music mountain. Arca has completed her kick series not in a slow drip as one might...

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Ayephor Gott

I can not seem to appreciate the perception of lost humanity depicted in the images. Society, today, seems to be experiencing countless levels of lost humanity, turning the individual into a social burden rather than a part of the human experience within society. I would think, as an artistic piece, the “global” perspective would focus on the need to emphasize the human spirit within a world that has grown cold to the concept of humanity. Additionally, I am confounded in the complexity of accepting the sounds depicted in the auditory presentations as something that one would listen to during a “quiet” evening playing cards with family and friends or as part of an evening’s dinner engagement. I am lost in its lack of diverse musical statements depicting a musical “story”. Perhaps I am too engrossed with old school musicianship that depicts interpretive phrases leading to an overall musical discussion. Consider perhaps, the song (or any of their pieces) by the Moody Blues, “Question”,


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